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11.0M EHF/Ka Band Earth Station Antenna



EHF band generally refers to 30GHz~300GHz, which started as early as the early 70s of 20th century, which is become mature decades of efforts.

EHF can obtain a wide use of bandwidth benefits from the extremely high spectrum, with bellowing advantages:

u  Wide bandwidth and high capacity: with coverage of 30-300GHz, available bandwidth is up to 270GHz

u  High antenna gain and low probability of interception: small EHF band antenna can get a narrow beam. On one hand it can improve the antenna gain, reduce the impact of high loss, reduce the size of the ground terminal; on the other hand, it can improve the low capture performance.

u  Strong anti-jamming capability: EHF band can provide 1GHz-2GHz signal bandwidth, can make full use of spread spectrum technology to enhance the anti-jamming capability; the same time, high frequency in its own space, the transmission loss is large, for the uplink interference increased the difficulty.

Based on increasing the signal bandwidth can improve the communication data rate. The associated Shannon’s theorem, information of the signal is usually modulated near a carrier frequency, so that a wider bandwidth can be obtained at higher carrier frequency. In order to transmit high-speed data, the communication frequency band must select the millimeter-wave band, EHF band is a more ideal frequency band.


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