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Probecom dedicated to R&D various satellite antenna control units, power drive units, and control systems. Antenna control system has the advantage of accurate antenna pointing, high reliability and easy configuration, also with characteristics of stability tracking performance, high tracking accuracy and advance technology. Widely used in the site communication, television transmission, telecommunications operators and news media field.

Probecom has developed and finalized various models to meet worldwide customers‘ special requirement. Include:

39107C Single ADU controller: easy to operate, economic type.

39107DT, AC3000E, AC2000 antenna control system: AC power, high reliability, high performance price ratio, etc., can realize stepping tracking function with the tracking receiver, meet average customers’ application.

AC2000D: DC power, stable and reliable system, high pointing and tracking accuracy, mainly for the full-motion station, gateway station and other large antennas. Single pulse tracking function can be realized with monopulse tracking receiver, satisfy high-end customers’ application.

Our detailed control systems are as follow:

AC3500 Antenna Control System (AC Control System) C Band, Ku Band

AC3000E Antenna Control System(AC Control System) C Band, Ku Band

AC2000D Antenna Control System(DC Control System) C Band, Ku Band

AC2000 Antenna Control System(AC Control System) C Band, Ku Band

39107DT Antenna Control System(AC Control System) C Band, Ku Band

39107C Antenna Control System (AC Controller ) C Band, Ku Band

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