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Probecom 4.5m Insat C band earth station antenna in Bangladesh


Probecom 4.5m Insat C band earth station antenna was successfully installed on the roof of Bangladesh TV stations. This antenna will work with BS-1 to provide more brand new services and programs. Thanks to those intelligent TV station engineers who installed the antenna and all other equipments all by themselves.

Besides the 4.5m satellite antenna, Probecom supplied the client matching equipments, such as HPA, Modulator, Up converter, Encoder, Spectrum analyzer and other necessary equipments to work together with this antenna. One of the superior advantages of Probecom is to provide clients integrated service and solutions with long after-sales service.

Probecom antennas (includes fixed antenna, flyaway antennas, SNG, maritime antenna, etc) is well-known for its high quality and stable performance. We are manufacturing motorized flyaway antennas and SNG for others clients in Bangladesh and looking forward to provide more qualified products and service to many other clients too.

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