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Portable Satellite Communications Antenna System from Probecom


Probecom Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd. is a specialized company engaged in the design and manufacture of Flyaway antenna.include 0.55m flyaway antenna,0.75m flyaway antenna,1.0m flyaway antenna(carbon fiber,aluminum),1.0m auto-tracking flyaway antenna,1.2m flyaway antenna(ku-band Aluminum,ku-band Carbon fiber, ku-band tripod type aluminum,ku-band case-roomed),1.2m auto-tracking flyaway antenna.1.8m fiber glass Ku-band flyaway antenna ,1.8m fiber glass C-band flyaway antenna.It can offer a complete line of earth station antenna products and systems, with a selected range from 1.8M to 16M (C-Band, KU-Band, Ka-Band, X-band, S-band, L-band )and relevant servo equipment including antenna control system and beacon receiver. Microwave antenna, TVRO antenna,Rx antenna,Microwave components and customerized products is also provided.

Any more information please visit http://www.flyaway-antenna.com or send emails to sales@Probecom.com