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SNG Antennas

1.2m Vehicle Mounted SNG Antenna

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1.2m Vehicle Mounted SNG Antenna System

Key Features

*  Offset feed antenna for C/Ku-band

*  Special designed for mounting on SUV, Minivan or MPV

*  Suit for broadband communication and various emergency situations.

*  Meet needs of mainstream satellite operating company.

*  Acquire any Ku and C band satellite within 2 minutes.

*  Matches various types of BUC

*  4 tracking methods: Beacon, DVB carrier, reference star and modem signal

*  Instant broadband data communications

*  WIFI control method is optional.



 Electrical Performance


 Ku band






 Linear, Orthogonal

 Feed Interface


 3dB Beamwidth

 TX: 1.2°@14.3GHz

 RX: 1.5°@12.0GHz


 RX: 41.8dBi

 TX: 43.3dBi

 Noise Temperature

 10°EL=45K, 30°EL=24K


 Sidelobe Envelope

 1.5°<θ<20°     29-25logθ dBi

 20°<θ<26.3 °   -3.5dBi

 26.3°<θ<48 °  32-25logθ dBi

 48°<θ<180 °   -10 dBi

 Cross Polarization

 35dB (On Axis)

 30dB (in 1dB Contour)

 Isolation (Port to Port)

 RX: >40dB

 TX: >90dB




 Mechanical Performance


 1.2m, SMC

 Antenna Type

 Prime focus, offset feed antenna

 Positioning Sensor


 Azimuth Sensor

 Compass ±2°

 Tilt Sensor

 Tilt meter ±0.2°

 Azimuth Range


 Elevation Range




 Elevation Travel Rate

 0.1°~9°/ sec

 Azimuth Travel Rate

 0.1°~9°/ sec

 Polarization Travel Rate

 0.1°~12°/ sec

 Physical Performance

 Stowed Dimension (mm)




 Antenna controller Unit



 Signal Tracking

 DVB  S1/S2 and Beacon receiver

 (hot standby), Modem SNR

 Operating Mode

 Auto/Manual, key touch position


 1U, 2.5kg



 Setup Time


 Pointing Accuracy


 Power Consumption (w/o BUC)


 Remote Network Control

 Support WiFi control

 Environmental Performance

 Wind Loading

 Operational: 72km/h

 Survival (Deploying): 110km/h

 Survival (Stowing): 220km/h


 Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 55℃

 Storage temperature: -55℃ ~ 85℃

 Protection Grade 











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