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SSPA 26.5-40G 30W

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* Ultra-wideband doubled frequency CW SSPA

* Higher linear characteristics SSPA

* Pulse wave SSPA

* Ka band KW PW / CW SSPA

* Q band 1~400 W CW SSPA

* Ultra-wideband doubled frequency traveling wave tube driver MPM

* Phased array Tx/Rx components

* V~W band SSPA

*THz frequency conversion, frequency doubling and amplifying module

Ability Description :

1、Experienced R&D engineer team;

2、Powerful RF design&simulation software and testing facility;

3、Customized L/S/C/X/ku/K/Ka/V/Q/W band SSPA;

L band TWTA, Q band TWTA, S band TWTA, V band TWTA

4、Ultra wideband products is avaliable;

5、Ultra output power capacity is avaliable;

6、Meets for EMC(Electro Magnetic Compatibility) testing,Satellite communication,Radar system requirements;

7、CW(continous wave) and PW(pulse wave) is avaliable;

8、SSPA,SSPB,HPA, Power amplifier modules is avaliable;

9、Up converter modules is avaliable

High performance, high power, high efficiency, light weight, miniaturization and easy to use are the characteristics of our products, standardization and serialization are our goal.

26.5-40G 30W

Application: indoor test instruments (-40~+50°C)

Service life:  15 years

Saturation output power: 46dBm

Power gain: 50d B

Small-signal gain: 65dB

Overall efficiency: 12%

Operating system: CW / PW


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