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National disaster prevention and mitigation day ,We are in action


Today is the 12th of May, National disaster prevention and mitigation day.

This year’s theme is disaster risk reduction and the preservation of our beautiful homeland.

As we know,  time is life,  Communication is of the utmost importance. But conventional

communication are based on base stations, After a natural disaster the communication

breakdown occurs. So after the disaster, the satellite communication is the most reliable.

Probecom was founded in 2002,we are committed to the design, production and sale of

satellite communications equipment.


Sudden public events and all kinds of disasters on-site information gathering Disaster relief.

Public security, military, government, oil, water conservancy, electricity, finance and other

important sectors of the country

The remote areas and the vast rural areas out of coverage.

Field operations, exploration, military police and news media.

Our company responded positively to the country’s call, efforts to reduce disaster losses.

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