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Probecom  is experienced in designing and manufacturing of series of antenna system for satellites communications earth stations, providing a wider choice for system integration constructor when designing and building earth stations, our antenna diameter range from 1.8m, 2.4m,3.0m,3.7m,4.5m,5.3m,6.2m,7.3m,9m,11m,13m,16m,18.5m,to 20m. to cope with azimuth/elevation king post pedestals, pffering better stiffness and pointing accuracy which is for sure becomes a good choice for customers.

Both the electrical and mechanical specifications of the antenna meets requirements of INTELSAT IESS and CCIR Rec.580-5.Many of them are operating in the INTELSAT respectively. For better protection against corrosion, steel parts of the antenna structures are sand blasted, zinc or aluminum hot-sprayed as to ensure 15-years operation with regular maintenance and necessary replacement. Our detailed earth station antenna as follow: 1.8M Earth Station Antenna include C/Ku Band, 2.4M Earth Station Antenna include 2.4M,C Band,Ku Band, 3.0M Earth Station Antenna include C and Ku band.

3.0M X Band Earth Station Antenna 3.7M Earth Station Antenna  dual band,C band and Ku band.

3.7M X Band Earth Station Antenna 4.5M Earth Station Antenna dual band, C band and Ku band

6.2M Earth Station Antenna, dual band,C band and Ku band 7.3M Earth Station Antenna, dual band C band and Ku band, 9.0M Earth Station Antenna, dual band, C band and Ku band, 11.3M Earth Station Antenna, dual band C band Ku band, 13M Ground Station  dual band C band and Ku band. 16M Ground Station  dual band,C band and Ku band.


Highlighted features

-Meets CCIR 580 and INTELSAT Requirements

-Precisely adjusted pre-assembly before leaving factory no thedolite required.

-Multi-layer anti-corrosion treatment

-High precision alloy aluminum reflector

-Hot spray galvanized with white paint

-High RF performance

-Galvanized stainless steel hardware

-A large hub for RF equipment.

Probecom is renowned as the top leading satellite antenna designer and manufacturer of variety of satellite based broadband VSAT, broadcast and defense communication network solution with superior technical, engineering and service expertise.Welcome to follow us at:

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